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Sure, we are in the heart of winter, but it may still be a good time to buy or sell a home.

While May through August accounts for 40% of the average year’s total home sales volume, both buyers and sellers can find advantages to making the move during winter.

A few advantages of buying a home in winter;

*Less competition from fellow buyers.

*Likely more motivated sellers.

Downsides – For Buyers;

*Usually lower inventory means fewer options to choose from.

*New Construction tends to slow down during winter months.

*Bad weather may hinder inspections.

Downsides- For Sellers;

*Bleak landscapes can reduce curb appeal.

*Buyer’s may be reluctant to tour homes during ugly weather. Keep landscaping tidy, garbage cans tucked away and potted planters fresh! Put lights on timers and keep the heat on.





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